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Looking at long exposure night stills one admires the light path’s reminiscence of motion on a still image. This sense of movement lets the viewer contemplate on the content of the picture.
Was it a flashing light or just a weak one? How many cars passed by and how fast were they? The two blurred impressions of people, were they a couple or just two persons at the same place at different times?
One can only assume the stories these charming frames of condensed time try to tell. All that has already passed when one holds the picture in hand. This visualization of the transiency of time might be the best, one can get.



LG Jakob & Vroni


LG Ursi und Alex

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Bärenmühldurchgang Reloaded

Analyzing the area around „Karlsplatz“, we found a lot of places that could be interesting for this issue, but only one that kept us busy, the „Bärenmühldurchgang“. This place affects us as students of the University of Technology directly, for example when we have to go to the „Audimax“. But also nearly everyone who wants to get to the famous „Naschmarkt” takes this way. So, what is our purpose? We want to revalue this place. After all, around 4,500 people every day cross this passage but it doesn’t look very welcoming.

Our idea is it, to make a kind of floating pixel-wall installation with luminous comb-modules. These modules have 3 different levels, luminosities and colors. We want to work with crossing people, times of day and the traffic light intervals: During the rush hours a light-impulse, in each case shown on the right flank upcoming from the traffic light, suggests everyone the remaining time to manage crossing both traffic lights in one, by going as fast as needed. Between the rush-hour-times in the daytime modules which get crossed by people, light up. At night as long as nobody crosses the passage some modules blink in the same tact as the orange traffic light. As soon as somebody crosses the electric eyes at the passage entries the system switches and the modules which get crossed by people, light up. The ceiling illumination is on 24 hours with constant luminosity.




In the wild and free nature, trees multiply and spread arbitrarily without obstacles.
A few trees would already create a forest in a few years.
Due to the clearing of trees, the nature had to give way to houses and cities.
Now trees are planted again, to return the good qualities and impressions
that they bring with them, to the city.

Bounded by asphalt and fences they can’t develop and are hardly perceived.
To refocus attention on the nature in town and to demonstrate what would happen,
if the trees could, artificial trees are ‘planted’ in between two inconspicuous groups of trees in Vienna:
in the hustle and bustle of life during the day, the new small forest (trees) appears dead
and brutal to draw attention to the bad condition.
At night, when the hustle and bustle is over and calm returns in the city,
the trees recover again until finally blossom till all shine in full gloss.
Cabels, laid in the ground, form the nourishing vein, starting from the natural donors – the existing trees.

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Piano Stairs – The Fun Theory

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You are walking threw a city, brightly lighted and you have totally no influence to the lights.
This is about interaction with pedestrians and lights in places where they are not expected.
We fill holes and gaps with light and give possibility to reduce the brightness of the common city lights,
placing lights where they are of need.




Project Summary
Idea ± Our Proposal for the area around the TU Vienna Main Building and the Karlsplatz was to work on a special area in the Freihaus Viertel, called Bärenmühldurchgang. The place has very special characteristics; it is situated around a high-frequented crossing of three big roads and is a connection point of two important areas, the Karlsplatz and the Naschmarkt. A Mass of Motion is the consequence of these subjects. The quality of the passage is very low, both day and night we discovered a Lack of Light; strong shadows are breaking down, which creates a very tense perception. Inside the passage a courtyard of silence rises to the sky.
Space ± The initiation of the analysis was the chosen space within an expanded area to the TU Vienna Main Building. We focused on several key points: History, Motion, Light & Shadow, Noise and Perception. The Output of all this information was filled by us in linear structures, we combined them and brought this construction in a tense perception of motion, light, shadow and noise.
Then we went deeper and finalized our analysis in the Bärenmühldurchgang. For this space we wanted to create something reflective and expandable.
Concept – The flow of pedestrians follows the form of the given space, the light encourages to move despite darkness. The flow of light is interrupted by the courtyard of darkness. This unused space is typical for urban backyards, which lose more and more importance. Our approach is to give back these urban courts their relevance in a city. So we use the existing lights and reuse them. Positioned through the parameter space, light, motion and noise. In detail that means depending on the tense perception between these parameters, the lower the tense the more space we have to work on. Furthermore the flow of people interacts with the lights, the more people, the more interaction. It all cumulates in the courtyard, our main point of interest; there all the things get together. With this lack of perception we position and guide the light through the passage and merge it in the backyard.


Light Paths

With Light Paths, any significant motion in a desired urban context could be tracked, processed and served instantly via floor-projection as an amazing info-vis.


| flourishing light |

….connection between two planted places next to eL of the technical university.
there will be an installation of light, which develop during the day, maybe with
solar, in dependence on trees or plants. focus passengers view to percept the green plantings in the city.
people should go through the installation, so that they will be decelerate.

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the karlsplatz appeared quiet bright to us, apart from some darker areas that are primarily used at daytime (the playground, benches etc.) yet it is in comparison to its daytime image a deserted spot in the city. we aim to engage the passer by, the few who strive trough the area at nighttime to interact with their surroundings by the means of a cloud information layer that is linked trough qr-codes into the “real” world. the information links to multimedia content that provokes, entertains, challenges the smartphone user to further participate in this installation.


cool designed „benches“

lightning benches with powerful luminosity
shimmering in different colours
AND if your getting closer to the bench it
gets his full luminsotiy

code M

After analysing the city and the site we recognised the enourmous change this area, nowadays known as “The Karlsplatz”, went through. Most people forget that they are walking over a river while ambling through the world-famous “Naschmarkt”. The former bridges crossing the “Wien” had been very important connections for centuries. Those landmarks vanished and are in danger to get forgotten. We want to bring back those sights in the Vienniese consciousness. To achieve this goal we invented “code M” which comes together with some extra en-lightning innovations:

SHADOWS of the night

According to the topic we examined the “night” respective its history. The night always influenced the social progress, the developement of cities and still has an great impact on people’s life. Due to the invention of artificial light and its use at night a lot of new possibilities opened up the social and urban life.

The night and its relation to light is deeply combinated with shadows. Every time light appears, the effect is a shadow. They always show the projection of an object with its outlines filled with a solid dark area – it’s a kind of a copy of a situation in exactly this moment.

For our project we decided to use shadows to illustrate time at certain places and connect them with its history. For this we have chosen the Freihaus-Viertel in 4th district Wieden.

We want to tell the story of the historical situation of this site and its region and for this we illustrate the history through deeply grounded images of the site with familiar silhouettes to awake the consciousness of the history of origins.

verena & julia


category Projects

Analyzing the area around „Karlsplatz“, we found a lot of places that could be interesting for this issue, but only one that kept us busy, the „Bärenmühldurchgang“. We want to revalue this place. After all, around 4,500 people every day cross this passage but it doesn’t look very welcoming. Our idea is it, to make a led wall installation, playing with shadows, crossing people and the traffic light intervals. On one flank we would like to show the shadows of the people passing by and on the other flank an “Ampelmann” (known from Berlin) suggests everyone the remaining time to cross both traffic lights in one, by going as fast as needed.

EWN_Brenmhldurchgang_Alber Giongo Messner.pdf

14 November, 2011 11:11

«ATOM» Live AV Performance for a matrix of 64 gas balloons, lights & sound
Robert Henke (Monolake | Berlin, DE) & Christopher Bauder (WHITEvoid | Berlin, DE)

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dreaming of lucid living

a stage show by miwa matrayek with nice projections involved.

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